Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alex Ruiz - Concept Monster


The visions of Alex Ruiz range from dark and disturbing, all the way to vomit inducing cuteness and hilarity. In his paintings, the creatures of his thoughts crawl off the page and transplant themselves into the unsuspecting brain, hopefully taking residence there as well. Born in the Cuevas Negras( the Black Caves) of Hermosillo, Mexico, Alex began engraving murals on the cavern walls, and soon after, the walls of family and friends' baby nurseries. To this day, he continues to explore the roads and depths of the heart and mind, especially the odd and strange ones, and bury the findings within his art. Alex is now a freelance concept artist/illustrator living in Los Angeles, California, lending his talents to the film, television, and interactive games industries.
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