Thursday, November 15, 2012

Karl Persson

Karl Persson "My intellect doesn’t come into play when I am channeling something subconsciously. There is plenty of time for interpretation after a painting is finished. Whenever I look at my finished paintings it is like analysing a dream – deciphering my personal symbolic language. Although there is obviously some calculated thought behind things like compositional aesthetics, I still try to keep these decisions relatively instinctive. I find this approach far more fulfilling than when I have injected some preconceived concept into an image, which has often consequently become either stale or too obvious."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Craig LaRotonda

BIO FROM LA LUZ DE JESUS "Rise of the Robosapiens" October 5 - 28, 2012 Opening Reception: Friday, October 5th; 8-11 PM In Rise of The Robosapiens, artist Craig LaRotonda reveals a vision of the future where the evolution of humanity has resulted in a new version of man — an amalgamation of flesh and machinery. These are the Robosapiens. In this dark and unnerving environment, mankind suffers in a world of ominous mystery. Though technologically advanced, man struggles with existence while he continues his search for a higher consciousness and enlightenment. LaRotonda's richly layered paintings are provocative; his signature iconic style is reminiscent of Renaissance and Byzantine art, while at the same time remaining boldly contemporary. His surreal figurative work possesses a dark narrative and grotesque elegance. These distorted creatures are captured in a timeless space, surviving the brutality and beauty of existence. Craig's ability to make deformities and oddities so aesthetically magnificent is what makes his art so unique. Craig's artwork graces the walls of famous homes including collectors in France, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Through his relationship with Film Art LA, his acclaimed art appears prominently in television and five feature-length motion pictures, including the Academy Award winning film "Traffic," directed by Steven Soderbergh. LaRotonda's striking and unique work has been featured in Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Progressive, Fangoria Magazine, The New York Times, Catapult Magazine, and numerous other publications. His work has received awards from the Society of Illustrators (in New York and Los Angeles), Communication Arts and Print Magazine. Exhibitions include solo shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


BUY HERE AT COMIXOLOGY Product Title: FARMHOUSE Frequency: Bi-Monthly Issue Number: #3 Intended Audience: Mature Readers Genre: Thriller/drama Writer: Elizabeth J. Musgrave Artist: Szymon Kudranski Cover Artist: Szymon Kudranski Synopsis: Sam and Naomi have it out at a cheap hotel She tells him he'll never change his ways and he storms out. Back at Farmhouse Sam and Jerome have a bonding moment. Jerome warms him about Helen and Sam seems to know his boundaries, but later, when the two are alone in the courtyard Helen turns on the charm. Sam has a rough time in a bar when some of his old ways come back and bite him.