Sunday, April 3, 2011

Richard Corben

I found Corbens graphic novel Neverwhere in a bookstore in 1978 and my life changed forever. I had never before (or since) found anything so cool. The only thing I can compare it too for pure excitement and sense of discovery was when I got my first girlfriend to take her shirt off. I knew at that moment I had to be an artist- because Corben had showed me what being an artist could mean. It was like my most insane supercharged fantasy brought to life permanently by the sheer force of this guys skill. Why in the world they carried Neverwhere in the news stand of a suburban bookstore I will never know. I guess no one bothered to look inside. But Thank God they did. And Thank God my friend was with me with exactly the twelve dollars I needed to buy it.

Everyone is familiar with Corben so I wanted to post some stuff people may not have seen. He has started selling off a lot of his original work and this gives a look inside his process- lots of his original grayscale work is scanned now and floating around the internet. This is a blessing for obsessed fanboys like me!


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