Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Al Columbia Doghead

Doghead is a 48-page comic book by Al Columbia. His first solo publication, it was released by Tundra Publishing in 1992 while Columbia was involved with Alan Moore's Big Numbers. It contains three short stories, two in black and white and one in full color.
A contemporaneous review summed up Doghead dismissively as "some Dave McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz impersonations, some fine colour work and an occasional exchange of witty dialogue between [Columbia's] characters,"[1] while Paul Gravett, in a 2002 essay on Columbia's career, saw in it "hints of his emerging singular identity."[2]
The last page of Doghead includes Columbia's "apologies" to some of his early sources of inspiration: Black Francis, Nick Cave, William S. Burroughs, Dave McKean, David Lynch, Papa Kafka, and J. G. Ballard.

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