Monday, October 17, 2011

Ferran Xalabarder


1998-2010.- Freelance Artist and Comic Author (writer and illustrator) I realised comic stories published at the Heavy Metal Illustrated Magazine (USA): "The key to Valhalla", "Game Over", "A Space Trifle", "The Starke Mansion affair", "Two little sisters_ & a Riddle", "Saving Poor Elsy Shelby" ...between others. I also realised short stories and illustrations for the Savage Sword of Conan Magazine (Spain), as well as many illustrations, covers, paintings and publicity designs for different clients.
2007.- "Nightfall". Platinum-Studios’ Graphic Novel, “NightFall”. Written by Scott O'Brown and published by Platinum & Image Comics (July 2007. USA).
2003.- "Salvaje: The She wolf Ballad". An heroic-fantasy Graphic Novel. Writer and illustrator. (2003. Barcelona, Spain).
1999.- "Born in Hell". A 64 pages film-noir/horror Graphic Novel. Co-writer and illustrator. (1999. Barcelona, Spain)…

1997.- Conceptual Artist and Story-boarder, Estudios Moro
I helped to visualize the trailer-presentation for a TV animated series. (Spain)

1996-1997.- Conceptual Artist, Fox Feature Animation
Working in tandem with the director, I produced hundreds of both conceptual sketches and finished renderings, primarily in the science-fiction production “TITAN A.E." (formerly, "Planet Ice"). Functioning with a team of conceptual artists, I helped to visualise and flesh out a multitude of viable alien life forms. (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

1995-1996.- Story-board Artist, Fox Feature Animation
Visualised and revised a dozen key sequences to director’s specifications for the feature “ANASTASIA”. I also did conceptuals for the fantastic creatures in the film. (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

1993-1995.- Illustrator, Comics Forum (Ed. Planeta de Agostini)
I produced posters, pin-ups, for the Spanish ancillary arm of Marvel Comics. In this capacity, I was allowed to write and illustrate various short stories of my own for the "Savage Sword of Conan" magazine. (Barcelona, Spain)

1991-1994.- Freelance Comic-Strip Illustrator, Montbui Weekly.
Produced a weekly comic-strip, functioning as both writer and artist. (Barcelona, Spain)

1989-1991.- Freelance Illustrator for various editorial clients. (Barcelona, Spain)
A few short stories for the Spanish "Creepy" Magazine.
1989.- "The Blood Shield". Comic Album. Writer and illustrator (Barcelona, Spain)

1987-1989.- Comics School JOSO in Barcelona, Spain.

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