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You're helping to back 3 new projects from 
Frank Forte, Asylum Press and Steve "Karswell" Banes from The Horrors of It All blog.

FRANKENHORRORS CLASSIC MONSTER STICKER SET! Celebrate classic monster with this set from FRANKENHORRORS and artist Frank Forte. FRANKENHORRORS illustrates your favorite monsters and creatires from film, TV and comics and even creates new ones to fill your nightmares. Great gift for fans of horror, halloween and goth culture. 

FRANK FORTE CREEPY CUTE die-cut Vinyl Sticker set. Have fun with this funny and creepy sticker by artist Frank Forte. 4" Vinyl sticker is a great novelty item for teens and fans of caroons, animation, Cuphead, Anime, manga, Horror, Kawaii and Creepy Cute merch!

VINTAGE PRE-CODE HORROR COMICS POSTCARDS! These Vintage Horror Comics Postcards feature the cover of Witches Tales, Black cat Mystery, Weird Mysteries, Tales of Horror, Terror Tales, Web of Evil and many more.  Have fun with these amazing PRE-CODE horror comics covers. In this bizarre, lawless, ghoulish, gruesome, terrifying frightfest you will amaze and shock your friends with this fun postcard. Curated by Mr. Karswell (The Horrors of it All, Haunted Horror, Zombies, IDW) these terrorific images from the 1950s are a great addition to any Halloween greetings.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Asylum Press announces The Vampire Verses: Blood Rites Sketchbook / Artbook crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter

 Asylum Press announces The Vampire Verses: Blood Rites Sketchbook / Artbook crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter

The Vampire Verses: Blood Rites Sketchbook / Artbook Kickstarter campaign can be found here:

Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 19th 2021) - Asylum Press announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstater for a forthcomicng book The Vampire Verses: Blood Rites Sketchbook / Artbook crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.

The Vampire Verses is a vampire/horror comic that Frank Forte created in 1994 and was published in 1995 by CFD productions (Formerly Cry For Dawn) and then Asylum Press in 1999. The series was inspired by many anime series at the time including Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku and Urotsukidōji: Legend of the OverfiendThe Vampire Verses was also inspired by comic creators Berni Wrightson, Tim Vigil, Kelley Jones, Mike Mignola and others. Frank attempted to draw from these influences and create something unique. What erupted from his hand and mind was The Vampire Verses.



The debut issue introduces Angelika, an exotic dancer in the NYC club scene who is unwittingly turned into a creature of the night. As she tries to make sense of what she has become she learns of a bloody Vampire War that is being fought in the streets and subway tunnels of New York City. Slowly the truth unfolds as Angelika begins to realize she is a key part of an ancient scrolled prophecy known as The Vampire Verses.

“I’m excited to get back and finish the series,” explains creator Frank Forte, “The Vampire Verses was planned as a 12 -issue maxi-series and i only made it to 4 issues. The Blood Rites Sketchbook / Artbook is way to re-introduce fans to the series and introduce comic fans to the series who have never seen it before.”


Title: The Vampire Verses: Blood Rites Sketchbook / Artbook

Description: is a 32 page saddle stitched comic that includes art and sketches from The Vampire Verses series by Frank Forte. The art ranges from 1995 to present day with character studies, cover studies, renders, creature design, environment design, pin-ups and more. The book hopes to reintroduce fans to the series and be a prelude to the continuation of The Vampire Verses #5-#12.

Creators: Frank Forte (Heavy Metal Magazine, Warlash, Undead Evil)

Intended Audience: Mature Readers

Retail Price: $10.00

Page count: 32


Frank Forte is an accomplished designer, storyboard artist and comic book artist. Frank’s film and TV credits include:Lovecraft Country, Fantasy Island, Solar Opposites, Dreamwork’s 3Below, Bob’s Burgers, Insidious 4, Lego: Guardians of the Galaxy, Despicable Me 2, Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, The Super Hero Squad Show, Marvel Heroes 4D, and Lego Hero Factory. Frank’s comic book credits include: Heavy Metal Magazine, Bob’s Burgers, Warlash, DTOX, Zombie Terrors and Chicken Soup For Satan among others.

In Frank’s spare time he paints.  Influenced by classic cartoons and comic books, Frank’s paintings are an assemblage of inspiration from what he grew up watching on TV and reading in comic books. Trying to capture the feeling and emotion of a moving cartoon on a flat canvas, Frank’s work incorporates horrific and twisted subjects in disturbingly bizarre situations.  His work has been exhibited at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Copro Gallery, Corey Helford Gallery, CASS Contemporary, Dark Art Emporium, Arch Enemy Arts, Phone Booth Gallery, Night Gallery Fine Arts, Cannibal Flower, LTD. Gallery and Hyaena Gallery.


Founded in 1999 by Frank Forte, Asylum Press is a unique publishing house specializing in high profile projects from some of the industry's biggest names. Publishing superhero comics with Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis, continuing their tradition of horror with Undead Evil, Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell, the upcoming Asylum of Horrors and Beyond Lovecraft, venturing into dark humor with Billy Boy The Sick Little Fat Kid and The Cletus and Floyd Show, Asylum Press continues to be on the cutting edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

For more information on Asylum Press, check out the official website at

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BIG BAD CAT Horror Vintage Cartoon Animation Pop Surrealism T-Shirt

   BIG BAD CAT Horror Vintage Cartoon Animation Pop Surrealism T-Shirt

Check out this Vintage Animation styled TShirt-Art by #FrankForte #popsurrealism #darkart #tshirt

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HEAD SHOT HORROR Vintage Zombies Undead Illustrated Premium T-Shirt

New #darkart #horrorart T-Shirt design posted. HORROR ILLUSTRATED/HORROR COMICS are creating some Horror related MERCH on our Amazon page--trying something new--to bring interesting Horror Graphics and Illustration to TShirts and Merch--is this something any of you would buy to help support the page?
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Vampire Pin-Ups Girls

Ending today on Ebay- LINK

This is an original 14"x17" pen and ink and zip-a-tone drawing on illustration board by Frank Forte. Done in 1994 during the black and white comics boom. (Vampire Verses, Faust by Tim Vigil, Cry For Dawn, the Crow by James O'barr.)

This is an oldie from the 1900's.

Also signed on the back with thumbprint by Frank Forte