Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Portfolio Macabre: The Fantastic Art of Matt Roach

Matt Roach was one of my favorite artists of the 90's. He has a great brush style that harkened back to the E.C. era. Influenced by Wood and Wrightson, but he'd always hail Reed Crandall-- he thought Reed was the best of all the E.C. artists. Matt did work for Boneyard, CFD and Insidious tales among others. This portfolio, PORTFOLIO MACABRE was published by CFD in '94 if I remember right. He hailed from the Chicago area and was doing some great work--then he disappeared and no one heard anything from him. Not sure where he is now, but would love to know what's he's doing and if he's still doing art/. Anyway--I have a few more gems to show off this week.