Monday, April 30, 2012

Berni Wrightson

The legendary unpublished cover by Berni Wrightson for The Spirit. Well, most of it, anyway. Contributor Ronn Sutton explains: "In 1973, Bernie was staying with me for a visit in Toronto and I photocopied the original art in nine sections at a local library. When I later tried to piece it together, I found that one section was missing." Thanks, Ronn! [Ye editor did major reconstructive work because of the photocopy's poor quality.] The Spirit © 1999 Will Eisner.
Looks like an unfinished House of Mystery/Secrets cover to us. By the glorious Bernie Wrightson in his 1970s prime. Thanks to Conrad Eschenberg for sharing this image! Art © 1999 Bernie Wrightson. Bernie Wrightson Interview

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Billy Noorby

Billy Norrby is a Brooklyn based oil painter and fine artist. Since his graduation from SVA in 2010, he has appeared in numerous exhibits throughout the world, and publications such as Spectrum and 3X3. "Fury" marks his first solo show in New York.